Silvio Berlusconi Wears Guyliner, Dyes His Hair

Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi certainly knows how to make headlines — and according to a recent New Yorker profile, he also knows a thing or two about guyliner. Author Ariel Levy spends most of the piece going through Berlusconi’s long documented lady issues, but the juiciest nugget appears right before the end, when she describes his fairly intensive beauty regimen.

He is tiny, no more than five feet four inches tall. He wears white eye­ liner on his lower lids to make his eyes pop in photographs, and he uses heavy foundation on his face, which renders him the same orangey­brown color as the cast of “Jersey Shore.” His hair is thin­ning — “because I had too many girl­friends,” he once said, before he got im­plants — and dyed a vivid burnt sienna. Despite these efforts, he is not a young seventy-four; Berlusconi, in the words of his best friend, is a bit dilapidated.

It sounds like Berlusconi could dedicate a little more time to GTL.

[The New Yorker via Jezebel.]

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