Simon Doonan: Style Has Absolutely No Place In Politics

If we had a dime for every time Simon Doonan told us an incontrovertible truth about fashion, we could probably retire early. And last night, at a fashion show he curated for Diet Pepsi, Doonan told us that we’re always going to be disappointed by the style of political figures — because style shouldn’t (and often doesn’t) have a chance to answer the enter the political equation.

Yes, for all the articles on things like Michele Bachmann’s hair or Rick Santorum’s sweater vests, Doonan says any political candidate who made an attempt to appear anything other than normal probably wouldn’t make it very far in the polls.

“There is no place for it. Especially in the era of Occupy Wall Street, people are very aware of if a poltician or even his wife was involved in the world of self indulgent luxury — that would disqualify him from running in the campaign,” he said. “So they have to appear very self denying, even if they’re not. They have to package themselves as being self denying and committed to the public good. The can’t be involved in froofy fashion self indulgences. That’s for you (he pointed to our lapels) and moi.”

But what about our current president, who took flak for staging a fashiony fundraiser with loads of designers and celebrities?

“Well they’re always going to say something, aren’t they?” I love him. I’m voting for him again. I voted for him last time, and now I feel like he’s very experienced. So if I voted for him before and I felt good about it, I feel fabulous about it now.”

And Doonan knows a thing or two about fabulous — the Creative Ambassador at large for Barneys was hand picked to rut out the best raw fashion talent to create looks inspired by Diet Pepsi. He ended up picking Project Runway‘s Shirin Askari, Rachel Hurst of Rae Marie, Genoveva Christoff and Elise Bergman, and directed them to create looks to fit a variety of themes. And the finale of the show was “Silver Fox, Silver Fog,” inspired by the shiny Diet Pepsi skinny can.

Take a look at how the designers fulfilled the task below.

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