Simon Doonan ‘Can’t Get It Up’ for Red Carpet Gowns

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When it became public knowledge that Golden Globes nominee Hayden Panettiere actually bought the Tom Ford gown she wore on her big night, there were collective screams of horror inside the Styleite office. Just kidding. We were actually thrilled at the news, because it meant that there weren’t any politics behind her choice, it was just a good old-fashioned buy of passion.

** We also couldn’t help but note that Panettiere’s unorthodox move is SO in line with the agenda of her Nashville character, Juliette Barnes. Very zero fucks given, if you will.

That kind of organic approach to red carpet dressing practically doesn’t exist anymore, and in many ways it’s watered down personal style at major awards shows.  No one postulates this idea better than Simon Doonan, who recently caught up with The Cut about why he loathes all the song and dance concerning gowns.

He explained:

“Really, I don’t understand how people can get it up for gowns. It’s highly paid actors wearing free clothes that are given to them. And they’re the only people on earth who really need to buy gowns (and actually need to buy and have the money), but they get them for free — illogical — and [are] representing brands in a way which is not particularly representative of a brand. It’s very hard to tell who did what dress, because actors all want them to be very simple because they don’t want to be made fun of in the blogosphere.”

We can’t even pretend like we don’t our ooh and aah moments during awards season, and if we’re being even more honest, we figuratively got it up for Lupita Nyong’o in her tangerine Ralph Lauren cape gown several times during the Globes. However, we’ll always be weary of the PR maneuvering behind each look.

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