SJP’s Shoes Will Be Beautiful, But Probably Not Very Comfortable

By now you’ve probably definitely heard about the shoe line that Sarah Jessica Parker is bringing out of last decade and onto our own two feet. SJP will be a joint collaboration between the Sex and the City star and Manolo Blahnik CEO George Malkemus, and will come with masses-friendly price tags falling (mostly) between $200 and $300. There will be bags and trenches too, although those will set you back a few hundred extra. Anyways, it’s the shoes we’re all holding out for.

Today the former Carrie Bradshaw revealed a few more details about her latest venture to WWD. We still don’t have many solid facts, but we do now have a combination of details about SJP’s favorite materials and whimsical anecdotes about her once-penniless mother ransacking Cincinnati bargain bins. From those, here’s what you can expect from the impending shoe line when it finally hits shelves:

It will deliver high quality without the high price tags.

Before she was the biggest female earner in New York, SJP used to get her clothes from church tag sales and factory outlets. Mom was an OG thrifter, however, and still managed to find Louis Vuitton suits in the bargain bins. “We were raised seeing a lot of beauty and [understanding] what a well-made dress was,” Parker tells the trade. Moral of the story: quality can definitely be had for under $300 (particularly if you’re an adept showroomer).

They’ll be just the right amount of shiny.

One of the signature materials in the footwear line will be grosgrain ribbon. “I grew up having to wear grosgrain hair ribbons every day,” she says. “We had a [bureau] dedicated to them.” Grosgrain has been a favorite of the actress since the beginning of her Manolo Blahnik love affair, when she bought two pairs of grosgrain slides by the designer on layaway.  She’s also a big fan of suede. “I don’t like a shoe to be too shiny,” Parker explains. “Sometimes it loses its chicness.” We’ll take this to mean the shoes will age well, which is a good thing for people who don’t take home $30 million per year.

But the actress might not be the best judge of comfort.

“I’ve spent so much time in shoes now,” she confesses. “I really feel like I [have] an advantage. I was in heels sometimes 18 to 20 hours a day on set. I never took them off, but I wasn’t in pain. I had been a ballet dancer so I don’t know, maybe I prepped my feet with pointe shoes.” Prepped them for this, you mean? SJP probably shouldn’t be your go-to range if you want to continue having sensation in both feet, but if it’s only semi-comfort you crave, there might be another pair of sneaker wedges heading your way.

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