The 4 Secrets to Smart Shopping

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Vivienne Westwood is brilliant for her thoughtful collections, ability to age gracefully, and being eternally outspoken. In the latest edition of Dame Vivienne getting candid on fashion through the lens of activism, she doles out some pearls of wisdom about shopping in the age of mix-and-match designer and high street.

She told the Telegraph.

“Instead of buying six things, buy one thing that you really like. Don’t keep buying just for the sake of it.

Essentially her philosophy comes down to just four rules that will not only shape you into a supreme wardrobe editor, but make you more economical. See the rules below, as well as us chiming in on the matter based on our own trial and error through the years.

1. “Buy less.”
A repertoire overflowing with the season’s fast moving trends is kind of like a safety blanket. Too often the majority of styles are quick fixes versus investment pieces. Clothing should never be thought of as disposable.

2. “Choose well.”
If you’re going to go the high street route, think extra hard about your purchase to make sure it’s not just satiating your appetite for trend. The same goes for designer – it may be impeccable in quality, and blowing up your favorite street style blogs, but you might be taking the plunge for label as opposed to the essentials: fit, wearability, and shelf life.

3. “Make it last.”
If you’re making a purchase, and unsure whether or not you’d invest in taking it to the tailor or shoemaker should an accident happen in the future, it’s probably not worth it.

4. “Quality, not Quantity.”
This encompasses much of the first three rules. Many will roll their eyes at designer price tags, but if they were to invest in a Thom Browne and watch it become a perpetual staple, they might just have a change of heart.


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