Your Smartphone Addiction is Giving You Wrinkles

Techneck Gossip GirlAs technology evolves, apparently so do our wrinkles. Our latest aging woes may be the result of our smartphone addiction. The new lines popping up on our necks and chins are now cleverly named “Techneck.” If you can’t go an entire elevator ride without whipping out your cell, pay careful attention to what we are about to tell you.

Our smartphones, e-readers, and computers are plotting against us—by constantly enticing us to look down. Now our necks are starting to wrinkle and our backs are bound to hunch. Technology is making us annoying, self-absorbed, and unattractive. (Nevermind the increased risk of getting hit by a car or falling into a large body of water.)

Before you panic, be rest assured that we live in a world that will always offer us expensive effective ways to combat all types of aging. For example CACI, the experts in non-surgical facelifts, have Microlift treatments for the tech-induced lines on our necks.

 “We’re a hard working nation and our hectic everyday lives mean that keeping one’s head down, be it buried in work emails or in an e-reader, is completely the norm,” said Dean Nathanson, Managing Director of CACI international. “Recently we noticed a surge in inquiries for our product, specifically to combat lines around the neck area.”

While it’s great to have options, we should really focus on why we need them in the first place.

“We’ve identified a correlation between the rise of technology in recent years and the growth of the “Techneck,” Nathanson continued, “so while there is little chance of the nation giving up technology, at least we can help people reduce wrinkles and keep their chin up!”

We are sure that Nathanson would love for us to believe that all hope is lost, but wrinkle prevention sounds like the best reason for us to embark on a digital cleanse. Now excuse me while I go examine my neck and do some facial yoga with Ranjana Khan.

[Daily Mail]

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