SMH of the Day: ‘Upskirting’ Deemed Legal in Massachusetts by High Court

Um, what?


If you’re a super creep and live in the Massachusetts area, then congratulations because today is your lucky day. The state high court ruled this morning that ‘upskirting,’ aka taking pictures up peoples skirts and/or dresses without their consent, is 100%, without a doubt, LEGAL by state law.

Um, what?

Probably the biggest step backwards for female empowerment since, IDK the nineties, the ruling came in the case of Michael Robertson, a man who was arrested in 2010 for taking shots of unknowing women from compromising angles on the train. When his actions were put under the judicial microscope, one would assume he would receive just consequences for his “I’m-a-pervert-and-I-do-what-I-want-actions,” right? Wrong.

The law, as it stands, states that voyeurism is A-OKAY if the party is fully clothed. “At the core of the Commonwealth’s argument to the contrary is the proposition that a woman, and in particular a woman riding on a public trolley, has a reasonable expectation of privacy in not having a stranger secretly take photographs up her skirt. The proposition is eminently reasonable, but (the law) in its current form does not address it,” concluded the courts in their decision today. Translation? You can get paparazzo on whoever you’d like, whenever you’d like, as long as they’re not nude.

This is not only a disgusting violation of human rights, it is also validation of the government’s clear disinterest in budging on laws that were made in the past, even when they’re grossly outdated. With new gadgets and tech devices popping up left and right, it is becoming easier and easier to bend the boundaries of what is acceptable by law. Google glasses, wrist cams, ring-sensored mobile devices are all on the horizon for technology, so if these laws aren’t being enforced now when just camera phones are an issue, the judicial system will forever be playing a game of catch-up if things aren’t fixed, and fast.

[Swagger New York]

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