A Member of Congress Trolled Laverne Cox’s Wikipedia Page With Transphobic Edits


Despite the incessant preaching of your college professors, it’s easy to forget on occasion that Wikipedia is not a 100% trustworthy source of information but a page anyone with a laptop and internet connection can edit with their own completely irrelevant opinions.

For example, anyone who visited the Wikipedia page of Emmy-nominated actress and transgender advocate Laverne Cox yesterday might have been told that she was not actually transgender but, uh, “a man pretending to be a woman.” A 10-year-old kid messing around on his mom’s iPad? Not quite. The IP address the edit came from has rather been confirmed as belonging to the US House of Representatives.

Here is the page before edit:

And after edit:

The particular IP address is a shared one, meaning the individual can’t be pinpointed. As a result all whatever-hundred computers within Congress are now banned from making Wikipedia edits for 30 days — whether they’re manned by trolling douchebags or fully-functioning human beings.

What’s worse is that these aren’t the only transphobic edits to have been made from the Congressional IP address. The entry for “Camp Trans,” an annual demonstration to protest the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, was edited to describe the festival as “intended for real women.” Congress was also banned for 10 days in July for pushing conspiracy theories. You can see further Wiki edits tracked by the Twitter bot @congressedits.

So, welcome to 2014, where police are running around in military gear and members of Congress think transgender is the same as playing dress-ups. We can’t with you sometimes, America.


h/t Pajiba

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