An Open Letter To Sophia Bush

Earlier today, actress Sophia Bush published an open letter to Urban Outfitters on her blog. In it, she decries the company for selling a t-shirt that said “Eat Less.” We did the same thing. Except we did it almost two months ago. Because that’s when the shirt was actually being sold.

But that shirt, which we said then and say now should never have been sewn, got pulled from the shelves the same day we published the story. And while we’ve cringed at UO’s plentiful transgressions in the past, we always forgive the company because it offers us what no other store can: currently fashionable, good quality clothes that we can actually afford on a blogger’s income.

So, we figured that since we seem to be the store’s only defenders, we’d take this opportunity to respond.



We understand that you must be tremendously busy, what with the rampant worldwide success of your TV hit One Tree Hill. It’s probably bringing you tons offers for movies and product endorsements and all the things that come in tandem with being young and beautiful and thin and working in Hollywood. So you probably haven’t noticed that this whole Urban Outfitters thing is a non-issue. In fact, it hasn’t been an issue for weeks. Not in the mainstream, anyway — there are a few separatists who are still trying to cause a ruckus, but for the most part, we fashion lovers have moved on.

And we had until today, when you published your letter, in which you so kindly reminded us that the powers at Urban Outfitters are bad, bad people who don’t deserve one more red cent of our money. They should be so lucky to have us even glance in the direction of their store the next time we walk past one.

Now, we know that you like to spend a lot of your time doing positive things for society, like spreading the word about the green movement and how people can live more eco friendly lives. You even raise money for charities and encourage people to volunteer to help clean up the oil spill or do good for animals. And that’s the sort of thing we’ve always loved about you: you focus on making an impact through good works.

But when you lambast Urban Outfitters for its promotion of anorexia and anorexia’s contingent of negative physical impacts, what you’re doing is creating more of the hate and gloominess of which you strive so ardently to rid the world. Instead of focusing your energy on making the store wither (because lord knows your “tens of thousands of supporters” are going to stop shopping there when you tell them to), why not help it figure out ways that it can promote healthy body image and be more tactful? You’ve been a fan of the store for too long to give up on it because it sold a few distasteful items and a t-shirt everyone hates.

You probably already know that Sophia means wisdom, and you’ve lived up to that name in the past. So prove to us now that you’re still as dedicated to good and as wise as you’ve ever been and let go of the hate.

With respect but NO ill will,


[via The Gloss]

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