SRSLY WTF: Sophia Webster Insta-Shames Nasty Gal over Knockoff

If it was the 1700s, Sophia Webster and Sophia Amoruso would totally just settle this with some dueling pistols on the cliffs below Weehawken. Too bad it’s almost 2014 and what we have instead is a screenshot, an unanswered accusation and some feline emoji.

The disco-dancing accessories designer called out Nasty Gal on Instagram for giving the copycat treatment to her speech-bubble clutch, igniting passions and drawing some cries for blood legal action. SheFinds compared the two bags Wednesday and concluded that despite a $400 difference in price, they are, in fact, very similar.

While we wait to see how this affair plays out, we commend Sophia W. for observing the Golden Rule of social-media beefs: If you’re going to pick a fight, at least have the courtesy to tag the person you’re dissing. Sub-tweeting and -gramming are so not cool.

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