The Upcoming Spice Girls Auction Is A ’90s Dream Come True

We are almost hesitant to report this lest one of you readers tops our bid on a Posh Spice dress, but here you go: a whole bunch of the Spice Girls‘ iconic outfits are going up for auction!!

Think Sporty’s Adidas tracksuits, Baby’s girly-girl frocks, and Scary’s leopard print jumpsuits — all of those 90s treasures you so coveted as a kid, just one (hefty) bid away! The auction will reportedly coincide with the November 27th London opening of Viva Forever!, otherwise known as the most anticipated musical of the year, and all proceeds will go to charities Save The Children and Children In Need.

As the group’s resident fashion insider, Victoria Beckham allegedly told UK paper The Mirror that she’s been saving her pieces to pass on to daughter Harper but is happy to hand over a couple for a good cause: “I’ve got all my costumes still. I can’t wait for Harper to grow a little so she can have some. But the rest I’d like to put up for charity, I think it would be a fantastic thing to do.” We do enjoy that she’s just waiting ’till her one-year-old grows a little. Not much of a stretch, we guess, since Posh’s pieces were almost always tiny enough to fit a small child.

And speaking of tiny: Geri Halliwell‘s iconic Union Jack teatowel-turned-dress will unfortunately not be part of the haul, since it currently resides in Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Cafe. Not to worry, though — you can always pick up a Ginger-designed knockoff at UK retailer Next.

Spice Up Your Life, everyone!

[The Mirror]

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