More Details Emerge About The Spice Girls’ Olympics Performance!

The Olympics Closing Ceremony is getting almost as much press as the Games themselves these days. And with good reason: some seriously exciting stuff is set to go down in London August 12.

But the most exciting as far as we’re concerned is the possible live performance by the Spice Girls, who we last saw in concert back when Victoria Beckham was still known by her maiden name Adams, or, of course, as Posh Spice. The singer/designer/glamorous mom of four has been fueling rumors of the group’s reunion on her Twitter feed as of late. Yesterday morning she tweeted a picture of LOVE magazine’s Katie Grand‘s adorable bunny with the caption:

Morning fitting with @gilesgilesgiles, cuddle with @kegrand bunny!! X vb

Hmmm….a fitting with Giles Deacon, eh? Sounds like something someone would do if they were going to be performing at one of the most patriotic, Brit-tastic events of the decade, doesn’t it? If indeed Deacon is making the girls’ costumes, we wonder how the custom duds will compare to the gilded gowns the supers will be sporting.

She added further fuel to the fire by following that tweet with another, similarly cryptic message:

“Look what I found!! X vb.”

Along with this picture:

For those unfamiliar with Spice Girls paraphernalia, this is the mic VB used during the group’s reunion tour back in 2007. But will we see it on stage again next week? Let’s hope so.

Also taking to Twitter was the Mirror‘s celebrity columnist Dean Piper, who tweeted the following:

So the Spice Girls are all together rehearsing for the Olympics RIGHT NOW in London. #itsonbitches

And while UK tabloids are hardly known for their journalistic integrity, we can’t imagine Beckham wanting to perpetuate the rumors of an imminent performance if the Ceremony were only going to disappoint. Which can only mean one thing: SPICE GIRLS REUNION!!!

[@victoriabeckham and @deanpiper]

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