Spirit Airlines Runs Terrible Celeb Nude Hack-Themed PR Stunt

Evidently, we’ve learned nothing from that god-awful CelebBoutique Aurora dress tweet from 2012, and even that was an accident. This was a very purposeful promotion emailed out by Spirit Airlines, capitalizing on some famous women’s gross invasion of privacy to advertise their cheap fares:


COOL. SUPES FLATTERING, SPIRIT. And as if the idea itself weren’t skeezy enough, the language in the email sounds like bad dialogue from a rejected Sonja Morgan burlesque skit:

“We feel naked; you were never supposed to see this Bare Fare! It was meant for a special someone (who isn’t you). Now it’s all over the Internet for you to take advantage of as you see fit. Scandalous! We thought the cloud was our friend, y’know, because we spend so much time flying with ’em. But now our private prices are on display! Bad for us; GREAT for you.”

Do Spirit’s copy editors read the internet? Because there’s been pretty much zero affection for the dude who leaked these photos (The Fappening notwithstanding), and nothing but outrage and indignation over how stealing photos of naked women and posting them all over the internet without their consent and is basically a sex crime. You know what Peggy Olson would have done if a blithering manbaby on her team had handed her that copy? LOCKED HIM IN THE ATTIC FOR THIRTY YEARS AND THEN POURED HERSELF A WHISKEY NEAT.


[h/t The Daily Dot]

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