Seriously Funny Girls Of SRSLY Chat With Us About Blogs, Boys, & More

Danielle Gibson and Alex Fiber of SRSLY are known for their hysterical (and hysterically on point) videos that spoof everything from street style to blind dates. While it’s not every day that we get to interview a girl crush — let alone two of them at the same time — the talented duo indulged us as we took a tour of their hilarious work.

Okay, first things first. How did you two meet?
DANIELLE GIBSON: We met at NYU when we were both in the musical theater program, but we weren’t friends. We weren’t enemies, but we didn’t run in the same circles. Alex was in the Rodgers and Hammerstein clique, which rivaled the Leonard Bernstein gang I ran with.
ALEX FIBER: Senior year, we both transferred into NYU’s Film & TV Acting program. I remember being really nervous Danielle wouldn’t like me, but then we realized we were both really into the same things (television, noodles, striped shirts), and the rest, as they say, is herstory.

Your first video, “SHOPGIRL”, perfectly encapsulated why we prefer online shopping to IRL shopping:

Tell us about your worst shopping experience.
DG: Honestly, no shopping experience is ever awesome for me — I’m a really bad shopper. I get bored and overwhelmed and really sweaty (so sweaty!) and just want to give up. That’s why I depend on brands like Rag & Bone or Alice & Olivia. I know I can walk into their stores, love everything, and buy enough to last me two years without having to go shopping again.
AF: Last year, a nice PR girl let me in early to the Alexander Wang sample sale, and it was terrifying. I turned into this crazed animal, hungry for discounted knitwear. All sample sales are so high stakes, they make me feel like I HAVE to buy something and I have to buy it NOW. And of course everyone else is going nuts too, hoarding boxes of tank tops and running around in their underwear. It’s extremely stressful. Unfortunately, I never learn and I always go back. “Shopping, shopping, never stopping” — that’s my motto.

Where do you get the inspiration for your videos?
AF: Just being in New York gives us a lot of great material, and we often brainstorm or get ideas while we’re hanging out or chatting online. We’ve both studied improv at UCB, and a big part of that training is forcing your brain to think in non-linear, free-associative ways. So, getting a cup of coffee can turn into an idea about a barista sexting you with messages in latte froth.
DG: We’re both passionate about the same ridiculous problems, which aren’t even problems. Like when a doorman is rude to you, or your bed from Williams-Sonoma Home isn’t the size you thought it was in the store. Non-problems, but things that bug you all the same.

Next up: “STREETSTYLE”. We have to admit this hit pretty close to home:

Are there any photographers you want to be spotted by?
DG: I actually love style blogs, that’s why I like to mock them. I like The Sartorialist, What I Wore, and Beaux Mondes. I used to work in Soho, and I’d see Scott Schuman looking for people to snap. And I’ll admit I walked reaaaaalllly slooooowwly past him, trying to look like I was in deep thought about harem pants or something. No dice though. I probably wasn’t wearing enough layers.
AF: One of my biggest goals in life is to be mistaken for a French person, so for me it’s really all about Garance. I love her website, I love her photos, I love her humblebraggy posts. I met someone recently who lives in her building, and it’s actually really close to where I live. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before Garance and I are sipping cafe au lait together and complaining about how early we have to get up for yoga.

There really is too much internet, but what are your must-read sites?
DG: I always read New York Magazine for news, compelling articles, and viral stuff. We both love Oh No They Didn’t for celebrity gossip and TV and movie news. I also read an embarrassing amount of healthy living blogs, like Kath Eats Real Food and Carrots and Cake. Alex reads the whole internet. I never know what the hell she’s talking about.
AF: I do read the entire internet. Some of my favorites include Into The Gloss and The Coveteur for stylish voyeurism, A Cup of Jo and Tomboy Style for general I-Want-To-Go-To-There-ness, and Smitten Kitchen for food porn.

Some of your videos touch on dating and relationship issues, like Amazing-But-Short Guy Syndrome:

Who is our ultimate celebrity crush?
DG: People tease me, but I love Geoff on Ace of Cakes in a big way. He’s sexy and deadpan and he makes cakes! I’m also obsessed with Jimmy Stewart and late ’80s Michael Keaton. Of course, I’m also a hot-blooded woman, so I am not immune to Zac Efron’s charms…and arms.
AF: I’m mostly into older European celebs like Gabriel Byrne, Colin Firth, and the Fiennes brothers. And I really really love Javier Bardem. He is so debonair and charming! I want him to quiz me on my Spanish vocabulary and call me Alejandra. Last year at our Oscar party, Danielle gave me a cookie with his face painted on it in royal icing. I still can’t bring myself to eat it.

And who are your funny lady heroes?
DG: I love Jane Curtin. People talk about how much they loved Gilda Radner (Of course! She’s phenomenal!), but I relate to Jane Curtin. I think Catherine O’Hara and Joan Cusack are criminally underused, but perfect in everything they do. In the New York-y scene, Kristen Schaal and Andrea Rosen are flawless, as are all of the ladies at UCB. And of course, we both worship the SNL trifecta of terrific: Wiig, Poehler, and Fey.
AF: Completely agree. There are so many! Maria Bamford and Mary Lynn Rajskub are two of my favorites stand-ups EVER. I also love all of the Golden Girls, and Jane Fonda.

We totally identify with the girl whose boyfriend didn’t get her movie references in “ICE CREAM”. Because, seriously, can you ever just be whelmed?

What does your dream sleepover movie marathon line-up look like?
DG: Oh my gosh! Father of the Bride (parts 1 and 2!), I Spit on Your Grave (original and remake!) and I would end the night with Dangerous Liaisons so that we would all have sexy dreams!
AF: We’re agreed on the FOTB movies — those are must-watch. My other top choices are The American President, You’ve Got Mail, and A League of Their Own.

And lastly, what great things can we expect from SRSLY in the future?
AF: We’re going to keep writing episodes, contributing to some of our favorite blogs, and hopefully start working on a pilot script. We’ve been talking to and meeting with a lot of amazing people since launching the show, so we’re hoping for more of the same! We actually just wrapped on season two of SRSLY yesterday!
DG: Yeah! We’re taking a couple of weeks off, but our new episodes will go live starting in February. Personally, I’m working on getting to live in America again. All marriage proposals welcome, appreciated, and considered thoughtfully.

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