Stacey Bendet Is Not Okay With Eliot Spitzer’s… Socks

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On any given day Stacey Bendet makes a fashion statement, whether it be going to dinner in a ball gown on a weeknight or sporting a flower crown before 9:00 AM, but now she’s making her foray into political commentary by going after Eliot Spitzer and his atrocious sexy time socks.

Bendet sent out an email blast yesterday which, according to The New York Post, read:

“I encourage you all to support Scott [Stringer] . . . 1. because he’s amazing and will be a great comptroller, 2. because his opponent has [sex] wearing dirty socks with prostitutes (I care more about the socks than the prostitutes).”

In case you’re not privy to the situation, it was alleged that Spitzer kept black stocking socks on during his romps with high-priced call girls. It seems one politco’s sexting vice, is another man’s unsexy sock fetish. But crimes of fashion aside, Bendet has other motives for backing Stringer.

A source tells Page Six that “Last year [Stacey] tweeted at Scott’s . . . office that she was having a problem with her elevator and people getting stuck in it. She knew to tweet at Scott because of his record on building safety” and, “They helped her get in touch with the Department of Buildings.”

We’re not revealing who will get our vote, but the Alice + Olivia designer makes a convincing argument when it comes to the unsexiness of socks in bed — whether the romp came with a price-tag is another thing entirely.

[Page Six]

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