WATCH: This Starburst Prom Dress Took 6 Years To Make

You know how sometimes you really want to make a joke about something, but you’re so flabbergasted by that something that you don’t even know what to say? Because that’s what’s happened to us after watching this video of a Wisconsin mother who spent six years weaving Starburst wrappers into a prom dress for her teenage daughter.

We’re a relatively young staff, and even the longest of our long-term projects (the whole college thing) took only four years, so we can’t relate to what it would mean to take six years to do something. But after like, six whole years and five failed attempts to make this happen, Kerrin Fey folded, sewed and chewed her way into the perfect dress for her daughter Tara. And what makes it so perfect? The theme of the prom is Candy Land. Spot on, mom. Spot on.


[KARE 11 via The Hairpin and The Daily What]

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