Stefano Gabbana: Stella McCartney Is A ‘Non-Entity’

There’s nothing we love more than celebrities who use Twitter — they do realize that it’s a public forum, right? — but Stefano Gabbana‘s recent exchange with one of his online pals takes the cake. According to recent tweets, up until a few days ago, Gabbana had no idea who Stella McCartney was.

The tweet exchange was spotted by AleXsandro Palombo (who you may remember from such iconic cartoons as Karl Lagerfeld lounging on a nude beach or Anna Wintour squatting on a toilet) who emailed us via his “Press Office.” We initially dismissed the email as being a work of pseudo-fan fiction, but according to our intrepid friends at Daily Front Row, the tweets were real. They write:

“Ma chi????? La figlia del cantante?????” he tweeted in response to one of his Twitter pals gushing (in Italian) about the designer, who is, in fact, the daughter of a singer.

Unfortunately (and according to our research), Gabbana has deleted all of the tweets from his half of the exchange, but at least half the conversation remains posted on Fabio Viscovo’s account. Here’s the whole conversation, translated by Palombo.

Fabio Viscovo: I LOVE Stella McCartney!
Stefano Gabbana: who ??????
Fabio Viscovo: ahahaha! You don’t like Stella McCartney?!
Stefano Gabbana: Who ????? The daughter of the singer ?????
Fabio Viscovo: Yeeees! Stella McCartney, the designer !!!!!
Fabio Viscovo: Stefanoooooooo, please !!!!! You don’t know Stella’s a stylist ?????
Stefano Gabbana: What’s she known for?? What’s her specialty??
Stefano Gabbana: What sort of style does she do? What’s so special about it??
Fabio Viscovo: She makes a lot of minimalist sequined dresses… … .. they’re really feminine. They’re perfect for a nude look!
Fabio Viscovo: Come on! You’ve just got to have seen them! And although she’s really famous … she’s still an upcoming designer!
Stefano Gabbana: Yeah, she’s upcoming after 15 years doing nothing!! Hahahaha
Stefano Gabbana: Aaaaaaa …… I see you appreciate nonentities!! Bravo!

When read in context, it actually sounds like Gabbana has every idea who Stella McCartney is — he just appears to have absolutely no respect for her as a designer. Ouch.

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Stefano Gabbana Has No Idea Who Stella McCartney Is [Daily Front Row]

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