Stefano Tonchi, John Krasinski And This 1830s Guy Look Alike

Why, yes it is a slow news day, so you’ll just have to excuse us while we unearth and repurpose month old news.

No, but seriously — this is super interesting. Late last month, CBS News accused actor John Krasinski of being a time traveler. A student from Ann Arbor, MI was on a tour of Denmark with her boyfriend when she discovered a portrait of Carl Adolf Feilberg in a museum in Copenhagen. She thought Feilberg’s resemblance to Krasinski was too good to just be some old guy who looked a lot like him, so of course she wrote to The Washington Post. And it turned into this thing, where people were emailing back and forth between and among different publications and museum curators and generally causing a lot of interest in this painting.

By the time we saw the picture on ONTD! last night, the Krasinski thread was old news, but we couldn’t help but notice that the painting doesn’t look so much like Jim Halpert from The Office as it does W Magazine editor-in-chief Stefano Tonchi.

Really. Look at the photos below, first at Tonchi, then at Feilberg, and then at Krasinski. Look at how similar their Tonchi and Feilberg’s noses are. Look at where their ears are on their heads. And then tell us whether you think Carl looks more like John or Stefano in the comment box.

Is Actor John Krasinski a Time Traveler? [CBS News]
‘The Office’s’ John Krasinski, also a time traveler? [The Washington Post]

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