Stephanie Seymour And Peter Brant Call Off Divorce Battle

In today’s most shocking news item, model Stephanie Seymour and husband Peter Brant have called off their divorce. Yes, people reconcile occasionally, but we certainly didn’t think Seymour and Brant would fall into that camp after the messy proceedings they’ve been going through for well over a year.

The mud-slinging has been rather epic, with Brant calling out Seymour’s booze-and-pills habit just a few months ago. So we were pretty surprised to hear the couple entered their hearing this morning holding hands. Judge Lynda Munro must have seen something we didn’t because she told the couple, “After the first hearing with you, I said I thought you were going to reconcile and I’d forgotten about it. I’m a true believer in marriage. It’s hard work growing old together, but it’s actually sort of fun.”

We guess it has to be more fun than going through the world’s nastiest divorce. Well, maybe.

Anyway, the couple issued a statement shortly after: “The parties have withdrawn their divorce action and are reconciling. They ask that their privacy be respected.” They didn’t give any indication as to why they’re so chummy all of the sudden, but we’re guessing it has something to do with money. Billionaire Brant is definitely rolling in the Benjamins, and we have to imagine Seymour didn’t do too badly for herself during her Victoria’s Secret days. Maybe they didn’t want to hemorrhage even more dolla billz courtesy of their bitter divorce?

Brant’s ex-girlfriend Alyssa Pallet (who is 24 to his 63 and Seymour’s 41) has plenty to say about the couple’s decision to reconcile. She spoke to the Post, and here are some choice quotes:

Every time I saw him, he would say something about Stephanie that was bad. He didn’t feel like she was fit to be a mother and said he would keep fighting so she wouldn’t look after the kids.

He’d constantly be telling me about Stephanie and all the crazy things she did — how she did drugs, came home drunk, would leave the kids [alone] on the lawn. She had a way of getting out of trouble because she was a charming person.

He had a way of appearing at random times. He liked having his wife followed all the time and would do the same to me, finding me in the street and driving me to the movies. It was creepy.

Yeah, Seymour and Brant both sound pretty awful. Here’s to hoping they make each other happy this time around?

[via NY Post]

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