Stephanie Seymour’s Kids “Have Memories Of Her Drunk”

We don’t know why, but it’s a tragic time to be a model — and now it seems that former models have been added to the list of people on the underside of Fortune’s wheel.

Stephanie Seymour, who used to vamp for Victoria’s Secret, is in the middle of a messy divorce from her entrepreneur husband Peter Brant, who owns Interview Magazine, among other things.

The New York Post reports that Seymour was “recently hauled into a Connecticut courtroom after she missed court-ordered [drug] testing while vacationing in St. Barts with two of her kids in March.”

The missed test cost Seymour her divorce lawyer, and Lacey Bernier — a lawyer representing Seymour’s children with Brant — told the Post she “became worried about Seymour’s mixing prescription drugs with alcohol after speaking with Seymour’s nanny, Cora Driv.”

Seymour’s substance abuse problems are of such concern that her husband’s lawyers have asked the court to prevent her from drinking, citing her “proclivity for combining alcohol with various prescription drugs.”

We’re mostly concerned about how the kids are faring. Bernier herself told the judge, “All of the kids that I interviewed, they all had memories of her drunk.” Divorce is never easy on children, but we imagine that it’s a lot more difficult to handle when your drunken mother is toting you across the globe and skipping court dates.

But for Seymour’s sake, we hope that she can get it together long enough to get to the courtroom and take advantage of the opportunity to prove that she’s at least a competent human being. Or something.

[The New York Post via PopEater]

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