WATCH: Stephen Colbert Takes On Summer’s Eve Ads

On last night’s Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert tackled those racially-targeted Summer’s Eve ads featuring talking vagina hands. But while we took issue with their ethnic stereotyping and vagina-shaming tactics, Colbert complained that there aren’t any equally insulting ads made for men. So he did what any self respecting news comedian would do and made one himself.

But before revealing his ad, Colbert let fly a few zingers regarding Summer’s Eve, noting that the brand had done something really special with these commercials, because “usually when a lady ad comes on, I fast forward to give it its privacy.”

As for the ethnic talking vagina hands, Colbert took a more educational tone: “Now, not a lot of people know this, but even minorities have vaginas. It’s true! It’s one of the things Dr. King was fighting for.”

And of all the versions, Colbert took the most issue with the Latina one. Why? “This is America. Our vaginas speak English.” Touche.

Finally, Colbert stood up for his under disempowered sex:

“I don’t think its fair that women have these commercials marketed to them, telling them their bodies aren’t perfect the way they are. This completely ignores men and our deeply troubling genitals. Why aren’t we encouraged to purchase products to make our groins acceptable in polite company?!”

Why not, indeed. And so check out Colbert’s solution to the problem at just after the four minute mark. Pine cones, cucumbers, and tea bags will never look the same.


[via Colbert Nation.]


Summer’s Eve Would Like You To Meet Your Racially Stereotyped Vagina

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