Makers Of Steve Jobs’ Favorite Sweater Claim Sales Boom After Death

St. Croix, the clothing company largely credited with making Steve Jobs‘ iconic mock turtleneck sweater, is having a pretty weird day. When news of Jobs death broke, the company says it saw an immediate — and dramatic — increase in sales.

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A representative for the company told TMZ that the sweaters, made out of black cotton microfiber, have been flying off the shelves over the last two days. And these are not cheap sweaters, either — just because Jobs was a simply dressed man doesn’t mean he didn’t like nice things. A St. Croix turtleneck can cost up to $190, and some of its other sweaters get dangerously close to the $500 mark. Still, people have been buying them up like hotcakes. Per the company rep:

St. Croix has experienced an “almost 100% increase in sales” since yesterday … The rep says, “We have a great respect for everything he did and we’re glad he believed in our American-made product.”

At first we were a little skeptical that people would be motivated to such a nondescript sweaters from a company most people have never heard of. But when we started looking for the sweaters online, we had trouble finding them — and that includes the St. Croix website. We guess anything Jobs touched really can turn to gold — even if he didn’t didn’t design it himself.

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The company says it plans to memorialize Jobs, but it hasn’t yet figured out the best way to do that. We’d suggest that they honor his memory by honoring his taste. Many of the sweaters they offer are, well, not exactly the nicest looking things we’ve ever seen. But if Jobs loved their simpler garments, maybe a line of simple and refined sweaters would do the company some good.


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