Surprise! Steve Madden Didn’t Read The Bible In Prison

While company is pretty important, we think you can also tell lot about a man by the reading material he keeps — such as a well-thumbed Hemingway or dog-eared Marquez…excuse us while we swoon. And then there’s creepy cobbler Steve Madden’s tome of choice: Star Magazine.

Yes folks, it seems that while in prison serving time for that whole securities fraud scandal Steve-o got his kicks flipping through the pages of the trashy tab with his fellow inmates.

In fact, the shoe mogul recently went so far as to co-host a party with the gossip rag and let their advertising execs know just how much he appreciated their work while behind bars. Surprised? We can’t say we are. After all, this is the guy who made bejeweled platform flip-flops a must-have item.

Our only question: does the New York Correctional Facility have a subscription? Because if we’re footing the bill, they could at least spring for something a little classier — like, say, In Touch?

Via Page Six.

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