Stick-On LED Nails Bring the Future to Your Manicure

Shine on, you crazy plastic diamond.


Your nighttime commute just got safer, because now you can alert oncoming traffic with your manicure. Japanese toy company Takara Tomy Arts is marketing stick-on nails that light up when they’re near a smartphone or NFC. The secret: they miraculously figured out how to fit LEDS and invisible antennas into the nails. In just your pinky finger, you can have the power of advanced technology. No batteries, no wire hookups – the sparkle’s mobile, and customers can also download an Android app for customization.

Only one nail will light up, and it’s $12 for a set of 16 faux fingernails with matching designs. That’s around the price of your average paint job. Of the six styles, our favorites are the Brocade pink and black collection and the pixely Dippin Dots looking kind. Children near your nails will understand that you’re magical, so chatting on your cell about laundry’s out.



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