Stiletto Implant Surgery Is The Freakiest Fake Surgery Ever

There’s artistic body modification and then there’s just plain crazy body modification. And we’re pretty sure installing a stiletto into your own foot falls into that second category.

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In fact, we never would have thought such an alteration was possible if the fine minds at Bit Rebels hadn’t brought it up. They posit that because we human beings have a tendency to improve our bodies — sometimes to our own detriment — one day a woman might want to give herself a little extra boost without having to slip on a new pair of shoes.

But that doesn’t make sense to us — at least not from a fashion perspective, anyway. Most women who love fashion also love change. After all, fashion is nothing but change, and something as permanent as sticking some kind of rod into your heel for the rest of your life would preclude you from participating in one of the most important aspects of that change: shoes!

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Also, this just doesn’t seem practical. Or desirable. Or sanitary. What would you do if you had to walk through mud? What would you do in winter? Would cobblers start making shoe coverings to accommodate people’s heel implants? It boggles the mind.

Of course, surgically altering the foot in the name of fashion is nothing new. For years, women have been asking doctors to shave off bits of bone or realign their feet so that they can fit in to narrow high heels. There’s even a procedure called the Cinderella surgery that (you guessed it) makes the foot smaller so it can fit into those pesky glass slippers. (The part about the glass slippers is a joke.)

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Is putting a heel in your foot any more or less drastic? Would you ever put a heel in your heel, or would you rather keep wearing high-heeled shoes? Also: how freaking terrifying is that photo?

[Bit Rebels]

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