Is ‘Live’ Street Style Blog Styleblaster Cool Or Just Plain Creepy?

In what is either the next frontier in street style or a lawsuit waiting to happen, four enterprising Brooklyn-dwellers have created Streetblaster, “Williamsburg’s premier live fashion blog,” which auto-posts pictures of passerby snapped by a motion-detecting camera in the window of their apartment.

Here’s their explanation for why we all need to gaze upon the “new breed of stylish and sassy individuals” in real time:

Situated a block from the hellmouth of the Bedford “L” subway train, our camera aims down the street, capturing Williamsburg on the hoof. Moments after a person enters into the frame, the camera snaps, sending its image onto our blog. For the online fashion browser, a boon: the blog updates in realtime, showcasing each new image as quick as it can be appraised. Online viewers can watch a live feed, peruse a recent history of images, or compare shots over the days and weeks as FW-2012 blossoms into SS-2013.

We believe this service fills a need for live fashion information, with a unique and unmatched vantage point on the hippest block in New York City. It will quickly become a destination for New York City peacocks to traipse by and show off what makes the neighborhood hop. For the savvy, a place to be seen. For the flaneur, a bounty of style. At home or online, fashion has a new destination.

Live creepin’! What more could you ask for?

So far our clicking has mostly yielded photos of packs of school kids (see, creepy!) or regular looking people in hoodies and jeans, but there are a few gems — namely, the guy in the image above who has either been caught red handed in broad daylight or has figured out the stunt and is trolling us all.

What’s your take?

[Streetblaster via Gothamist]

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