3D Scanner Reveals High Heels Will Permanently Mutilate Your Feet

high heels damage

Looking for another excuse to copy Miranda Kerr’s low-key style? Well here’s one in the form of a nightmarish 3D video showing the mutilating effects of high heels.

British study has confirmed that while wearers of sensibly stylish loafers will be gliding into their later years on beautiful lady feet, those of us partial to high heels will be clawing our way on permanently mangled bones and claw-shaped toes.

Using state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology, researchers at North London’s Royal National Orthopedic Hospital have compiled hundreds of 2D scans of patients wearing high heels to create a single 3D image. What it reveals is sort of terrifying. Consultant orthopedic surgeon Andy Goldberg explains:

“When you’re in heels your entire body weight is going through the two tiny little bones going under the big toe, which can clearly lead to problems.”

The scan also shows that wearing heels causes the toes to curl over, which doesn’t cause problems short term, but after years of wearing heels could lead to fixed clawing and intense pain. Goldberg concludes,

“For many years our feet have had to fit into someone else’s ideas of our shoes, rather than making shoes to fit our feet, and that paradigm really has to change.”

Further study results showed 57% of the hospital’s female patients had admitted to experiencing severe foot pain as a result of regularly wearing uncomfortable shoes. 86% admitted that they found difficulty in finding shoes that could comfortably fit their feet.

Hopefully we don’t count as heavy users, but this is almost making us look upon the impending peacocking fest known as New York Fashion Week with the same fear Will Smith’s family looked upon the star formerly known as Hannah Montana.

Watch the video below, and feel slightly better about forking out $600 for Miranda’s Charlotte Olympia loafers.

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