RUMOR MILL: Is Working On A Reality Show?

Oh, how we love a good afternoon media rumor. Word has it that, the erstwhile online home of Vogue and W, is working on a reality show.

But instead of the scripted fakeness introduced by Teen Vogue on The Hills and perfected by Elle on The City, it’s said that the show will feature people who actually work at the magazine. (Because, really, Olivia Palermo didn’t really need any more competition on the “watch me do my fake job” front.) We hope this is true, if for no reason other than we’re super curious to see the inside of executive editor Nicole Phelp‘s office.

But we’re also curious to see what this will mean for With Vogue and W quickly establishing competing web presences, now has to fight with the rebel daughters it used to house. It prides itself on being the first and the fastest with runway shots and trend analysis — it wouldn’t be at all surprising if Vogue and W wanted to takeover some of that traffic and prestige for themselves.

It’s early still — and there are still a lot of things we don’t know. We’re guessing the show will be on MTV because all of Conde Nast’s other TV licensing deals have ended up there. And we’re guessing that, despite how “real” the people on the show are said to be, there will probably be a healthy portion of scripted glamour and product placement thrown in for good measure. It’s not known yet if Derek Blasberg, one of the site’s best-known reporters, will appear on the show. Word is they’ll be hiring a party reporter for the show.

For our part, we can’t wait to see it, and we think it has great potential to do well. If the old-vs-new-media fight is still being waged, it’s reasonable to think that people would be just as fascinated with the behind-the-scenes drama at websites as they were at magazines.

[Via Fashionista]

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