Style Portrait: Johanna Cranitch of White Prism — Musician, Stylist

I think it’s interesting that in New York, I tend to wear more black. Whenever I go back to Australia, I feel really out of place amongst the sea of color. New York seems I me to be the place where anything goes, as far as art and fashion are concerned, and I love that about my city.

Just yesterday, I walked into the Ace hotel and saw a very elegant older woman sitting on the meager couches wearing all white. Floor length, cashmere-like, long, flowy dress, with a huge white silk turban à la Elizabeth Taylor, complete with a massive crystal securing it in the center. As if that wasn’t brilliant enough, she was sipping tea with her pinky up, and clearly knows all about MAC Red as her lips were on fire. It may not sound bold when I write it but it was, believe me. I think that living in New York has taught me to be more bold with my fashion choices. Although, I never really needed a lot of nudging.

I feel most confident wearing flowy garments and flat boots. I really love my vintage kaftan collection that started at the flea markets in Australia when I was 20. I’m lucky I realized they would be timeless and didn’t foolishly give them away. I wear a lot of jumpsuits too. My current favorite is a long sleeve vintage Diane Von Furstenberg number that has a bold floral pattern. I scored it from one of my favorite stores here in Williamsburg called Malin Landaus.

I also have a penchant for black suede buckle boots. I have a ridiculous amount of pairs. My mother, though, only wears Ferragamos and has only worn them all my life. I used to dress up in her Pucci outfits and Ferragamo shoes and pretend I was a princess. Every time I go back to Australia to visit, I pilfer a pair from her wardrobe. She also used to paint her nails bright red every few days. A chip in polish is, to my mother, a very grave offense.

As far as my beauty routine goes, it doesn’t change at all when I’m working. When on tour, the most important things for me are my moisturizer and baby wipes for my face. I spend a lot of time on tour buses and in green rooms at venues, and often there either isn’t time for a shower, or no appropriate bathroom situation. Baby wipes are the perfect answer for that. I always make sure to carry my makeup bag and travel sized products with me everywhere in case of a last minute radio interview or in-store. That also kind of applies to my daily life in New York. You never know where a day can lead you, but by God I’ll be ready with a lipstick and mascara no matter what.

I refuse to subscribe to the myth that you can’t mix prints and patterns. Mix away, fair maidens!!!! Make it yours and own that choice! Creating an outfit can be often more fun than wearing it, don’t you think?

Johanna’s debut EP as White Prism is out now on iTunes.

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