Style Portrait: Ana Lola Roman — Musician, Performance Artist

Where I live doesn’t affect my style at all. I’m usually in Madrid-Rave era 1992 to 1998, all monochromatic pieces in red, black, white. Body conscious numbers with chunky accessory touches, tailored jackets or boleros… Wait a minute, I think I just described my neighborhood. I do feel the most confident wearing things that are futuristic, timeless, elegant, innovative and tailored with conviction. No sissy-stuff. There’s nothing like a heavily tailored and well made Moschino Bolero from the ’90s with Roman coins hanging down the seams. Late 20th Century Urban-Amazon.

My earliest style memory is the Spring 1996 Tom Ford for Gucci collection of ‘The White Dresses’. That moment in time changed me more than hearing Nirvana, or any of those bands. I would watch CNN’s ‘Style with Elsa Klensch‘ every Saturday morning as a child, well into my teenage years. My mother encouraged it, as did my Grandmother. Kate, Yasmin, Linda, Christie, Naomi, Cindy… Real amazons, right there. I’m not sure there will ever be anything like it again. Salvatore Ferragamo, Gianfranco Ferre, Azzedine Alaia, Rifat Ozbek, Gaultier, the introduction of Kate Moss. All the supers together.

My mother would take me on weekend trips to the Lancôme counter for some free gift or a lipstick, or over to some high end shoe store. It was like Harpers Bazaar every weekend. We would scour the jewelry in various department stores, look through scarf bins. My grandmother would purchase some sort of accessory. My aunt won a few pageants, a real ballerina, she was my first teacher of anything artistic. She taught me the importance of stature and grace.

I’m not into consuming mass pop culture appropriated by the ‘approved’ blogs. I curate very closely, pick and choose what I will observe. I try to observe whether we are making leaps and bounds into the future or regressing back into our lizard brains, why we are still using outdated modes or ways of solving problems. To avoid getting too down about that, I make it a personal responsibility to draw, write, go to museums, photograph, dance… I’m always in a state of ‘art’ Even if it’s in reality, a bottle of perfume, a tube of lipstick, I’m in love with Instagram, and I have a horrible Taschen habit.

I refuse to subscribe to the myth that you have to be a woman of a certain age to wear pearls. Just put those beauties on and own it, but you have to back it up. I also don’t believe it is never appropriate to show your form with tight clothes — which are different to revealing clothes. And honestly, I think some of us in fashion think that the floppy, boxy, flow-y, future-tech-hipppie-esque look is amazing on everyone… But it’s not. I admire that uniformity of silhouette, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Some girls have failed to realize that they strong, perfect curves and musculature to pull of more fitted tailoring. And they should own that.

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