StyleDish: Inside Annabel Tollman’s Closet Full Of Sparkly, Shiny Things

If you’ve spent the last day wondering any of the following, then we’ve got the StyleDish for you: what to wear clubbing in New York, what the inside of Annabel Tollman‘s closet looks like, how Ryan Gosling could possibly ever look unattractive, what someone needs to wear to get kicked out of a Wal-Mart, or who would design a nail polish color inspired by menstrual blood. Answers to all that and more, coming right up.

What To Wear If You Want To Go Clubbing In NYC [NYT]

Woman Kicked Out Of Wal-Mart For Wearing A String Bikini [HuffPost Style]

Nail Polish Inspired By Menstrual Blood, Bruises, And European Painters [The Gloss]

Chanel Has Itself A New Hatmaker, Reportedly [The Cut]

Annabel Tollman Has An Apartment Full Of Sparkly Shiny Things [The Coveteur]

Ryan Gosling Finds The One Thing That Can Make Him Unattractive* [Refinery29]

*We do not agree with this statement, but you should judge for yourself.

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