Happy Birthday To Us! Styleite Is Officially One Year Old!

Well, here we are. Over 4,075 posts, 5,203 tweets, 11,039 followers, 5,383 Facebook fans, and one million monthly unique visitors later, Styleite is officially one year old.

When we launched last year, we were excited, exhausted, a little shy, but absolutely confident that this would be the most rewarding year ever. And it was. So in the interest of indulging our nostalgia, we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite and most memorable posts and features. It’s been a good year.

While we obviously love a lot about fashion, style, and the industry in general, there’s only one thing about which we’re so passionate as to launch a multi-site campaign in the hopes of bringing it back: The Backpack. We’re not going to take you through every single step on the way to success, but rest assured: it’s back. And in a big, haute couture, beaver fur way.

Shortly after we declared our love for the backpack, we discovered Martha Stewart is a former model — for Chanel, no less — which gave us one of our most enjoyable series of all time: The Time Warp (our favorite installment of which might by Yves Saint Laurent’s appearance on “What’s My Line?”).

But in between Time Warps and Backpacks, there are only two things that have held our laser-sharp focus as much as Terry Richardson and Lea T. — each for two very different reasons. From the day we launched the site, we knew that the one thing we didn’t want to do was buy into the industry’s status quo, which is why we dedicated one of our first posts to calling out skeezy guys like Terry Richardson and Dov Charney. Unfortunately, the industry still has a ways to go there.

But when it comes to acceptance, there’s no one we’d like to champion more than Givenchy muse turned Oprah star Lea T. (If you’re not familiar, here’s a closer look at who she is and what she stands for.)

But through all of that, (and two fashion weeks!), there are a few posts that stood out for being the best examples of what we stand for. Julia Rubin’s essay on the industry’s lackluster response to Galliano’s anti-Semitic scandal was thought-provoking, and, more importantly, incredibly well-written, while Justin Fenner’s diatribe against the use of the word “affordable” when it comes to fashion might be the most on point call out we’ve ever published — let alone read. And then there was the time we photoshopped a bunch of sharks into fashion spreads in honor of Shark Week. It’s a three-way tie, right there.

But finally, this post would be remiss without a special thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way. Thanks to our tireless and indomitable interns Jordan Whitmer, Taylor Levins, Hillary Frazier, Rika Nurrahmah, as well as former interns turned associate editors Justin Fenner and Julia Rubin. Thank you to our big boss Dan Abrams, without whom we’d never know if the site felt “too fashiony” and who pays our bills. (Sometimes, he also comes to parties with us!) And thank you to everyone at all our sister sites for making us so consistently desperate to up our game, thank you to ad sales for helping our boss pay the bills, and thank you to Abrams Media’s jack of all trades Andrew Cedotal, whose Pocket Guide to Menswear Bloggers will go down in history as the most thorough write-up of niche menswear blogs we ever have or ever will publish. A penultimate thank you in the form of a big fat hug, high five, and fish kiss from Karl Lagerfish goes to our departed Sr. Editor Ruthie Friedlander who is now sending us wonderful press goodies from Chanel, but our final thank you goes to our readers: for being the whole reason we have this awesome, awesome job in the first place.

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