PHOTO: A Dress Made Of Subway Sandwich Wrappers

On Project Runway, designers have to clothes out of sometimes-unconventional materials. For the recent Project Subway fashion show in Chicago, all of the clothes had to be made out of Subway sandwich and cookie wrappers.

Costume designer Elisa Hiltner made a collection of Subway themed gowns for the show, which was put on a a part of Celebrate SUBWAY, a convention of 5,000 people from the chain’s franchises worldwide. Packaging Digest (yes, such a trade publication exists) reported yesterday that the looks were intended to convey the message that you can eat well, look good and be sustainable — just like the Subway wrapper — all at the same time.

“One model wore a bodice created from a SUBWAY Lunch Box package, with floral detail made from a SUBWAY Cookie Bag. A looped skirt was made from SUBWAY Cookie Bags as well. Half of each Cookie Bag – a full 50 percent – is made from recycled materials while the lunch box is made with 10 percent recycled material and SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) fibers. The SFI logo is proudly displayed on the lunch box.”

While it wouldn’t be our first choice for a night out, Hiltner’s dress does look delicious. But looking at it makes us entirely too hungry — we keep imagining that we could have eaten all the food those bags might have contained — so if you’ll excuse us, we have to go get a snack.

[StyleList via Packaging Digest]

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