Summer’s Eve Would Like You To Meet Your Racially Stereotyped Vagina

Just when we thought Summer’s Eve ads couldn’t get any worse, they got racist. Because not all vaginas are created equal, Summer’s Eve has released three separate campaign videos with which to shame your ladyparts, depending, of course, on whether you’re Black, Caucasian, or Latina.

Once again, we have to ask: who conceived these? And who approved them? And, most importantly, is the racism meant to distract from the serious vag-shaming going on? Because if so, it’s seriously not working.

Behold, the campaign in all it’s triple-headed glory:

Are you Black? Meet your sassy, hair-obsessed vagina!

Are you Caucasian? Meet your passive aggressive, anti-vajazzling vagina:

Are you Latina? Meet your saucy, leopard thong-loving vagina!

[via BuzzFeed, YouTube.]


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