Summer’s Eve Pulls Controversial And Racist Talking Vagina Ads

Following a week’s worth of web-based backlash and one thoroughly hilarious segment on The Colbert Report, Summer’s Eve has decided to pull all three of their racially stereotyped talking vagina ads. But just to be clear, the agency behind the ads told AdWeek that the ads weren’t meant to be offensive, just relatable. Ohhhh. Wait, what?

AdWeek also spoke with the brand’s PR executive Stacie Barnett, who says that while the ads were not meant to be offensive, they might have been treated unfairly because of the stigma against douching. That said, she also seems to be well aware that the product they’re marketing doesn’t do all that much either.

“The product that women and the medical community have questioned whether it is necessary is douching. This campaign is marketing the external cleanser, cloth and wash, which is no different than a special hand cream, eye cream, body wash, etc. Now, are these things necessary? No. But cosmetically, as women, we have those choices.

“The bigger issue is: Do I think the baggage that Summer’s Eve has had related to its heritage of douche is part of this [current criticism]? Absolutely. There are people who may always associate Summer’s Eve only with douche, and therefore look upon it either with mockery or a negative perception. And that’s fine. But there are a lot of women who want these products, right or wrong, necessary or not. And that’s who we want to educate.”

Oh, well that makes everything okay then.


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