Summer’s Eve’s Douchey New Feminine Hygiene Ad Rubs Women the Wrong Way

To wipe or not to wipe?

To wipe or not to wipe?

Summers EveAfter years of trying to bring douching back, Summer’s Eve has moved on to less invasive washes and wipes.  We get it. “Feminine hygiene” products are their bread and butter, but our generation just isn’t them. This might have something to do with their sexist commercials and racist ads.

Now our favorite company is bringing Valentine’s Day into the mix. “Happy alentine’s Day” says the ad aimed at your vagina. Where’s the “V” you wonder? Then you get to the tag line “Don’t forget your “V” this Valentine’s Day”. How romantic? Summer’s Eve’s message is simple: If you aren’t worried about dying alone on February 14th, you better be worrying about your vagina. Buy our wash and wipes!

Obviously, you are going to use your V on V-Day, so lets make it smell like a “delicate blossom” or “island splash.” Thanks, but no thanks. Those scents sound like an infection waiting to happen. We’d be less offended if they were equally committed to ending the world of smelly balls, but sorry ladies, we are apparently the only ones who need to worry.

We don’t think women are opposed to wipes entirely, but Summer’s Eve just rubs women the wrong way (pun intended).

Interestingly enough, the beautiful people at Into The Gloss can’t stop raving about SweetSpot Labs On-The-Go Wipettes. First there was their in-depth and hilarious anti-douching essay by Lacey Gattis, which named the brand’s wipes “best all-around” vagina product.

Their interview with Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor also revealed her love for the SweetSpot’s  Geranium Lavender scented wipettes.

“It’s weird, I know, she said to the beauty blog. “ It’s an all-natural vag cleaner!”

We aren’t scientists, so we won’t attempt to analyze the ingredients. (Although SweetSpot Labs wins points for their use of essential oils.) Summer’s Eve and SweetSpot Labs could be hocking the exact same product for all we know, but the clear difference between the two companies’ products is their choice of branding.

SweetSpot Labs is promoting luxury care for your lady bits, while Summer’s Eve is vagina shaming us.  To wipe or not to wipe? That is the question.

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