Astrologist Susan Miller On The Best Time To Find Love

If you were single on Valentine’s Day, there were several ways you could’ve sought solace, like getting smashed with other single friends or making love to Ben & Jerry on your couch. Or, have a glass of champagne with someone renouncing the holiday as irrelevant to your love life. Which is what I and several hundred other New Yorkers did last night at the penthouse of The Standard East Village in Manhattan, with that “someone” being fashion’s favorite astrologist Susan Miller.

Miller’s free and highly detailed monthly horoscopes are read by six million people, and her forecasts can be scarily accurate. Her devotees are many and fervent, so it was no surprise that last night’s fete by Chandelier Creative celebrating marriage equality, which was themed for Valentine’s Day with pink drinks, pants-less waiters (don’t worry, they wore briefs), a photo booth, and a performance by Japanese pop group The Suzan (get it?) was heavily attended.

When I arrived a half hour early, the penthouse was empty and PR girls floated red heart-shaped mylar balloons to the ceiling. Miller was in a back room with breathtaking views of the East Village and the Bowery at her back, and after I sat down, almost immediately launched into detailed forecasts of love in the months and years to come.

“It’s nice to have a holiday that celebrates love,” she remarked and nodded to the balloons. “But it’s much more complicated than that. The days for love are constantly changing.”

Apparently, the best time for love is this summer. She explained that a perfect triangular calibration of Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune (in case you’re keeping track) would mean a serious summer of love for everyone beginning in June and climaxing on July 17, which would be a day of immense love, “the kind you’re willing to give up everything for.” It’ll last through August, so plan accordingly — Miller recommended taking a trip to increase your chances.

While I mentally planned a vacation, Miller went onto bigger things: the future of technology, and a possible second Victorian age (thankfully, not relating to fashion). She was particularly excited that “Neptune left Aquarius” and had entered Pisces.

“When I first started studying astrology, I thought every planet loved to be in every sign,” she admitted. “But it’s not like that! Neptune rules Pisces, so it loves to be in Pisces. The romantics among us have reason to cheer — the last time Neptune was in Pisces was the age of romanticism, the Victorian age 169 years ago. A time of beautiful art and poetry and music. And now, Neptune has come home to that!” Even though that contradicts this technologic era we’re in, she thinks that’s about to change too.

“Aquarius is a scientist, very brainy and intellectual and no-nonsense,” she explained. “Pisces is just the opposite — very intuitive, loving, touchy-feely. They don’t like texting, whereas Aquarius loves it — short, to the point, practical. The new generation being born isn’t even going to like it.” A bold claim, but she held strong. “We love the gadgets and everything the Internet brought us, but there’s a coldness to it, [like] when you see two people sitting across from each other at a beautiful restaurant with their phones out.”

It’s an interesting observation, especially given the “artisanal” push and DIY scenes that are on trend of late, which are seemingly a pushback to a tech-addicted world. But it’s going to take 13 more years to see if we’re looking at a new age of romanticism. Neptune’s cycle is 14 years, and this one started February 3rd. However, Miller’s pretty sure we’ll see a switch. And as for the Hallmark holiday, she told me not to worry about singledom: “Love can bloom any day of the year!” So, there’s hope for us after all.

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