Susan Sarandon Is Better at Taking Psychedelics Than You


Do your exciting weekend plans include chillin’ in your jammies rewatching Thelma and Louise on demand? If so, you might want to read about what it would be like to trip with Susan Sarandon, because that’s a fantasy we all should be entertaining.

So Susan Sarandon loves going to Burning Man, which you might not assume about the 67-year-old actress if your formative experience with her acting career was watching her in Stepmom as a young child. As it turns out, she’s super fluent in psychotropic drugs and was friends with Timothy Leary! She tells The Daily Beast:

Well, [Burning Man] is pretty psychedelic to begin with. But, yeah, I’m not new to the idea of mushrooms. I don’t really like chemical things, really. Timothy Leary was a friend of mine, so that acid was nice and pure, but I’m not really looking for chemicals, and I don’t like to feel speedy. But I’ve done Ayahuasca and I’ve done mushrooms and things like that. But I like those drugs in the outdoors — I’m not a city-tripper. My attitude about marijuana or anything is, “Don’t be stoned if you have to pretend you’re not,” so I’d never do drugs if I was taking care of my kids. I like doing it in the Grand Canyon, or in the woods. You want to be prepared and not have responsibilities. It does remind you of your space in the universe — your place in the universe — and reframe things for you. I think you can have some very profound experiences.

Hear that? Susan Sarandon doesn’t like feeling speedy. Susan Sarandon’s not a city-tripper. Susan Sarandon just wants to get high in the woods. She just wants us all to reframe our paradigms, man. Susan Sarandon is so down.

You can read more about her feelings on the decriminalization of marijuana here.

[The Daily Beast]

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