LOGO WATCH: When Did Target Get Rid Of The Text?

We’re sort of nerdy design people here at Styleite, so last night when we overhead that the Target logo was subject of a question on Million Dollar Money Drop, our ears perked up.

Host Kevin Pollak asked last night’s contestants how many red circles were in the iconic design — and it turns out there’s technically only one. Target’s logo is comprised of one large red circle and a white ring placed smack dab in the center, which makes up the bullseye known round the world. But what we didn’t know is that Target removed the text that says “Target” from underneath the logo. We’re still trying to figure out exactly when the design change happened, but it’s a move that makes sense — the Target logo is immediately recognizable as a target, so there’s really no need to reinforce the idea with big block letters underneath. Maybe that’s why the store’s website doesn’t really say Target anymore.

The same, however, doesn’t go for Starbucks, which recently removed the ring of lettering proudly proclaiming to the world that your machiatto was a Starbucks original. Now, every cup will carry a close up of the green mermaid who’s been the company’s mascot lo these 40 years, and her visage will be totally unmarred by text of any kind. But is the Lady of Pike Place as recognizable as the famous bullseye? After taking a look at the logo changes below, you tell us.

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