Target Takes Aim At Your Facebook Feed

In the very same day that Target announced the collab we’ve all been waiting for (3.1 Phillip Lim, of course) they also broke news about another partnership, and one we’ll be seeing a lot of very soon. The mega-chain has teamed up with Facebook on a just-launched digital savings program, and it’s about to get all up in your timeline.

Called Cartwheel, the program basically gives you personalized coupons you can share with friends and scan in-store. When you claim an offer, it generates posts on your newsfeed, and as expected, the more coupons you redeem and the more friends you invite, the more rewards you receive.

Sounds harmless enough until you get to the embarrassment-causing sharing function, which requires “a Ph.D. from MIT” to turn off, according to WWD. So unless you’ve got a fancy degree and some Lisbeth Salander-level hacking skills, it looks like others are going to see exactly how much Häagen-Dazs and animal-shaped novelty items you bought on Friday night.

We don’t know about you, but the thought of our private purchases made public kind of makes us quake in our Dicker boots. Until that issue’s sorted out, we’re just going to keep what we buy to ourselves — alarming amounts of ice cream and panda backpacks included.


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Dan Abrams, Founder