What Was Tatler Thinking With This ‘Best Society Breasts’ Spread?

We know times are tough in the world of print, but magazines must still have some kind of vetting system in place before an issue gets sent off to the publisher, right? Unfortunately, you wouldn’t know it from some of the glossy gaffes we’ve seen this year, from blackface editorials to Photoshop disasters and beyond. Today’s ill-conceived spread comes courtesy of Tatler, which printed a charming spread entitled “Titler: Best Society Breasts” in its May issue. Needless to say, those featured aren’t telling the world how honored they feel to be included.

Under the tagline, “Behold! The most magnificent, marvelous breasts in all society!”, posh Brits like Princess Eugenie, Lily Cole, and Helen Mirren are pictured and paired with superlatives denoting their supposedly admirably assets, such as “Royal Tits”, “Ginger Tits”, and “Theatrical Tits”, respectively.

One of the honorees, The Sun’s “Tweeting Tits”, Louise Mensch, took to Twitter to call out “Pratler” for its misogynistic ways, while the British press has responded with op-eds condemning the magazine for “stepping well and truly over the line of good taste.”

As far as we’re concerned, the article is both gratuitous and misplaced — after all, Tatler‘s readership is primarily female, and “Titler” just seems like an eye-roll-worthy Maxim supplement.

See the offending spread below and let us know if you think it warrants the controversy:

[Daily Mail]

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