PHOTOS: Tavi Gevinson Channels Lana Del Rey At Rodarte

We’ve been trying our hardest to internet ignore Lana del Rey, but the buzz surrounding the surprisingly controversial artist is getting harder and harder to drown out. Earlier this week, Tavi Gevinson voiced her defense of del Rey to our friends at both Refinery29 and The Cut — and then yesterday she took in the Rodarte show what can only be described as a pitch perfect homage to the singer. Coincidence? We think not.

Here’s what Gevinson told The Cut:

“I don’t understand why it’s so horrible to create an image of yourself, because that’s what pop music is. Even the celebrities who seem to be really real and down to earth still separate themselves from their image, so I don’t get it. I feel like people think she’s threatening because she’s all these things that women aren’t allowed to be, so people are trying to find the quality that isn’t genuine, and want to take away credit that she, you know, made herself.”

And here’s what she told Refinery29:

“Well, you know, I kind of love Lana Del Rey, just because everyone hates her and I feel protective of her. I’m not a huge fan of her music, but I think she has been treated so unfairly and I feel really defensive on her behalf. I’m drawn to her. It’s a girl crush, and I don’t know why.”

And here’s what she wore to the show, including a side-by-side of Tavi with Lana del Rey’s album cover. What do you think of del Rey? And, perhaps more importantly, what do you think of Tavi’s look?

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