Teen Phenom Tavi Gevinson Is Shopping For A Book Deal

Some teenage girls have sleepovers to sneak out of the house. Some teenage girls have sleepovers to play Truth or Dare and watch scary movies. And some teenage girls have sleepovers to brainstorm book proposals and teen feminist philosophy. Blogger extraordinaire Tavi Gevinson is obviously part of the latter.

Over a girl’s night in with author Marisa Meltzer, the prolific duo came up with an idea for a book about “the state of being a teenager,” tentatively called “Diary”, which they are currently pitching to publishing houses.

WWD reports:

The proposal suggests a hodge-podge of material: the book will be one part make-your-own scrapbook, one part feminist manifesto for girls and one part celebrity memento collage, featuring art made by Miranda July or Rodarte’s Mulleavy sisters when they were young. It will also include plenty of less heady material: instructions on “how to make a friendship bracelet,” entries on “why crushes are so essentially teenage” and perhaps a page to design your own tote bag or “dream pizza.”

It’s a smart idea and no doubt a successful one, made all the more intriguing by the fact that Meltzer is the author of “How Sassy Changed My Life: A Love Letter to the Greatest Teen Magazine of All Time,” a sometimes brutally honest look at the rise and fall of Sassy magazine, which was edited by Jane Pratt. Pratt, as you may remember, is also currently working with Tavi on a teen-focused site tentatively called Rookie, scheduled to launch in the fall. We’ve heard from a few places that Pratt isn’t too fond of Meltzer or the book, which certainly makes for an awkward professional triangle. That said, if there’s anyone who we think can handle it, it’s Tavi.


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