Tavi & Chloë Discuss Their Mutual Distaste For Swimwear, Swimming

Tavi Gevinson gets to hang out with all of our favorite people. Hailee! Elle! Ira! And now Chloë Sevigny! And they even hung out at one of our favorite stores!

Tavi and Chloë went to Opening Ceremony to discuss fashion and growing up for Rookie. Yes, it’s awesome. One of the best bits is when the girls chat about swimsuits.

And you did swimwear for the first time.

I did. A lot of the time Humberto [Leon, of Opening Ceremony] convinces me to do stuff that I’m not really even that excited about. He’s like, “Oh, you should do swimwear! We’re doing swimwear now!” And then it’s like, this was supposed to be red, and it’s obviously orange. A lot of the time it can be a little frustrating the way things don’t turn out the way you exactly want them to. Swimwear fabric is so difficult. I don’t know if you wear swimsuits.

I don’t swim! That’s like athletic.

[Laughs] Even buying a swimsuit is super difficult. And then making one is even harder. So, yeah, this was kind of an Humberto thing. [The line] is a collaboration between him and I, and a lot of the time he comes up with different ideas. We bounce ideas off each other. And of course they want to have a bigger line, because the bigger the line, the more they sell. It is a business—which I like to know nothing about. Humberto’s always trying to push me to do more and more product, where I would like to less and less so I can have everything really perfect. And then something like the swimsuits happen, where it’s not exactly something that I think is the perfect swimsuit. So sometimes it’s a little frustrating in that way. But I guess I should stay positive. [Laughs]

We love that Chloë is candid about the difficulties of designing, and we happen to share Tavi’s view on swimwear. So do yourself a favor and read the whole thing, please.


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