Tavi Talks Bieber, Rookie, And Breaking Jon Hamm’s Heart

Tavi Gevinson may take over the world while you read this,” proclaims CNN‘s profile of the media wunderkind, blogging sensation, and teen-geared online magazine Rookie. Not to brag or anything, but we saw that one coming a long time ago. Tavi, of course, insists that, far from plotting world domination, she’s currently just busy watching Nickelodeon movies.

We don’t see any reason why she can’t do both, however, especially given the major year she just capped off. Just take a look at some of her achievements in 2012: celebrating Rookie’s first anniversary, launching a print edition called “Yearbook One”, being named one of Forbes “30 Under 30″, landing a movie role, and, of course, turning sixteen. If anyone can take over the world while watching The Wild Thornberries, it’s Tavi.

In her latest interview, though, she comes off, as always, as a charming, thoughtful, down-to-earth girl you’d want to be friends with (in high school, as in life). Here are some of our favorite anecdotes and bits of wisdom, straight from the mouth of the multi talented teen:

On the false dichotomy between the mainstream-y popular girls and the outcast alts:

Sometimes Rookie is written about like, “Finally! Something for alternative girls” and I’m like, “No!” Obviously it’s not for everyone, but I used to think that there are cheerleaders and there are art kids. And then I realized that’s really silly and sometimes you feel like a cheerleader and sometimes you feel like an art kid, and there’s a part of everyone that feels lonely or like an outcast.

On the secret she has to keep from Jon Hamm, lest she hurt his feelings:

Jon Hamm made an “Ask a Grown Man” video for us, where we have grown men like him answer questions girls send in for our advice section of the site. At the end of his video, he was like, “Watch ‘Mad Men.’ No! You’re too young to watch ‘Mad Men’ –watch ‘The Hunger Games.’” And all of the comments were like, “I’m 16 and I watch ‘Mad Men.’” He has no clue that the only people who watch “Mad Men” are teenage girls, but if you tell him it’ll just break his heart.

On the Justin Bieber documentary, Never Say Never:

I think Justin Bieber’s story is so … forgive me for wording it like this … unique to our time. That movie is like a three-hour-long bar mitzvah montage. You know how when you go to a bar mitzvah, which I’m sure you do all the time, and they show a video of the kid through the years and it’s really flattering because it’s his bar mitzvah, so, obviously? That’s what that movie felt like. It was called a documentary, but it was produced by him. I am a Justin Bieber fan, but I am also so fascinated by how weird pop music can be and how manipulated it can be, so I enjoy thinking about that side of it too. I feel bad for him. I could never imagine growing up that way. When someone starts something like that so young, you have to wonder…

On mean Internet commenters:

I’m really good at making teen angst romantic. I’m really good at dealing with heartbreak and things like that, and making it into this whole experience. But there’s no way to make someone-on-the-Internet-said-something-mean-about-me into romantic angst where you can listen to music and cry or whatever. That’s just really pathetic. So I just try and think about these worries in their simplest form: Feeling misunderstood and feeling afraid. Being afraid to change because who you’ve been is so well-documented is essentially a normal fear about growing up. Social interactions are completely mortifying and embarrassment is in store for you, and in a year you’ll hate whoever you are now and everything anyway. Just knowing all that helps too.


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