5 Things We Learned About Dior From Tavi Gevinson

Earlier this year, Tavieveryone’s favorite child teenage style blogger — attended Dior‘s spring couture show. She infamously wore a huge Stephen Jones bow in the front row, and was actually treated to a tour of Dior headquarters which she chronicled in Pop. Tavi even got to hang with designer John Galliano!

Not surprisingly, Tavi loves couture. These are her thoughts: “It convinced me that, contrary to all those articles about how it’s outdated and unnecessary, we need couture. We need the designers who will spend so much time stitching beads on a bar jacket and the women who will take good care of it. We need that unashamed love for style and extravagance. I truly believe that haute couture is avant-garde fashion in its rawest form: theatrical, detailed, and about a façade.”

She scanned the article to her blog, so we decided to share with you the knowledge we gleaned.

1. There is no dust at the Dior headquarters.

2. However, there is a “mythical chair of Dior.” It is lavender.

3. Galliano’s team typically revises couture looks mere hours before the show.

4. When not looking like Mickey Rourke, John wears baggy camo pants and tees with Y-3 hats.

5. Galliano is inspired by ladies at the grocery store. He also finds Tavi “very inspiring.”

[via Style Rookie]

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