Tavi Gevinson Earns Less Money Than You


With fashion and Hollywood falling at her feet, an amazing wardrobe, and one of the best websites on the internet, Tavi Gevinson makes wanting to befriend a teenager a lot less weird. And it seems we might finally have something to bring to the relationship: Cold, hard cash. The world’s best ever 17-year-old might have founded a DIY media empire, but she earns a pretty meagre allowance of just $25 a week.

While thrifting with the Los Angeles Times over the weekend, Gevinson reveals that despite boasting 80 staff and four million page views per month, the only bacon she’s bringing home is edible. Specifically, candied, based on what we know of her 90-percent-sugar diet (another reason she’d be a fun friend date).

“She attends the local public high school and recently got an allowance increase,” the Times claims. “She doesn’t yet earn a salary from Rookie — though that may change soon, he says, as the site becomes more profitable — and speaking engagement fees go into her savings. The total sum of her liquid assets from day to day is her allowance: $25 a week.”

Granted she doesn’t have to pay rent in NYC or buy expensive cocktails, but we’d estimate her scrapbooking addiction alone would drain that sum in days. Tavi, if you’re looking to increase your weekly wages, we will literally pay cash in exchange for your friendship. Or if that’s too creepy, perhaps a bitchfacing lesson via Skype?

[LA Times]

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