Tavi Gevinson Got Really Drunk at Her High School Graduation Party

When she’s not teaching her seniors the important life lessons and waging war on normcore, Tavi Gevinson is just like all those other recently-graduated teen — being reflective, taking selfies, and getting shitfaced at her high school graduation party.

But unlike all those other recently-graduated teens, aka you and me at 17, she gets shitfaced with only the utmost of respect to her elders. In her Rookie editor’s letter from June 2014’s ‘Action’ special, the superteen blurrily recounts the particularly action-packed experience of attending her “first High School Party.” Her capitals, not ours.

This isn’t a braggy “dude, I was so wasted” story so much as it is just an “I am an idiot, and maybe know your limits with this stuff, but this one thing that happened was funny.” There was dancing/talking/kissing/vomiting, and then I came home, and my mom helped me get water and get into bed. This morning she told me I had said to her, after all her maternal caretaking, “You are, like, such a good friend.” I spoke to my mother as if she were some other dumb intoxicated teen!!

My own “getting wasted at high school graduation” story involved Scrumpy hands and a police holding cell, so the midnight motherly love was not strong. Evidently even vomitey Tavi still isn’t your typical teen.


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