Tavi Gevinson and Stevie Nicks Are Friends, Pen Pals

That sound you hear is Taylor Swift crying into her Keds, because Tavi Gevinson just flawlessly dominated the celebrity BFF game. In an interview with i-D magazine the just-turned-18-year-old revealed that she be moving in with fellow young person Petra Collins when she moves to New York for college, however when it comes to backstage hangs and dinner dates she prefers to jive with a more worldly-wise crowd: i.e. Stevie Nicks:

It’s always about Stevie Nicks. Maybe the pool has expanded. Maybe I go to her when I’m trying to balance the emotional with the strong, then I’ll go to Joni when I’m doing emotional only, or I’ll go to Beyoncé when I’m doing just strong – although with that new album there’s so much going on! Stevie is my security blanket. Oh, and Stevie saw my TED talk and I got to go to a couple of Fleetwood Mac shows. I have now been lucky enough to meet her a few times. She’s the best argument for meeting your idols. I saw her twice backstage and then we had dinner. She’s not on email or anything, but I’ll get a random handwritten letter from her once in a while. It’s unreal.

I can’t even get my mom to text me back let alone getting Stevie Nicks to write me a letter by hand. I also appreciate Tavi’s modesty in referring to their dinner date as a “meeting,” but girl, you can share as many stores of party puking and pocket money dramas as you want — you are not a normal teenager.


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