Tavi And Jane’s Teen ‘Zine Will Launch This Summer

On Tuesday, we received our first email alert from JanePratt.com, the new (and obviously eponymous) site founded by the former Sassy and Jane editor in chief. The details were spare: other than a Facebook link and a promise that they were “really close to launching”, the blast left us with more questions than answers. What exactly is JanePratt.com? Why did she call it JanePratt.com? And where does Tavi Gevinson fit in to all of this?

Thankfully, a piece in today’s WWD proves a lot more enlightening — despite the fact that Pratt herself refused to comment.

First, it turns out that JanePratt.com and Tavi’s project with Pratt are basically two separate entities. While JanePratt.com is targeting the “girl that is fortysomething and doesn’t feel fortysomething” and hopes to fill the “gulf between the Cosmopolitans and Jezebels of the world”, Tavi’s portion will be an entirely separate website as well as a print magazine focused on teenagers.

JanePratt.com’s Facebook page gives us a few more hints. A picture of a hand-drawn (potential) tagline reading “Slutty, Selfish, Self-Absorbed” is accompanied by the caption “It’s no “fun, fearless female” — a pretty obvious (and awesome) dig at Cosmo. A request for Truth or Dare ideas has been posted as well as a callout for advice questions and crazy story submissions, both of which are obvious resurrections of Pratt’s “Ask Jane” column and the recurring “It Happened To Me” feature. A source told WWD that the site will also be organized into different sections, such as health, fitness, beauty, fashion, DIY and entertainment.

WWD reports that Jane’s Makeunder and Dopey Model Poses features will also be making a comeback, the later of which will be written by Andrea Linett, “the creative director of eBay fashion who was a receptionist at Sassy when it launched.”

All that is awesome. But… what’s with the name? WWD spoke to some of Pratt’s most well-known and would-be readers — Jezebel’s founding editor Anna Holmes, the site’s current editor Jessica Coen, and the woman behind the short-lived Missbehave magazine, Mary H.K. Choi — about the site’s moniker. Here’s what they said:

“I read that it was going to be called JanePratt.com, which I immediately rolled my eyes at because I don’t think she’s a brand name anymore,” said Holmes of Jezebel. “There’s a significant portion of the younger generation who doesn’t know who she is.”

“I think branding it Jane Pratt is going to be her biggest challenge,” agreed Coen. “The name Jane Pratt means a lot to women my age — women in their 30s, women in their 40s. It’s a completely generic name to younger women.”

“I am interested in the fact that it’s called JanePratt.com,” Choi said. “I find it interesting.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement. But the general consensus seems to be that while the launch of JanePratt.com is exciting, Tavi’s teen portion has the most potential. Gevinson told WWD the site would be updated less frequently than a traditional blog (both Tavi and her audience are busy during the day with “school and stuff”) and would instead focus on “features that have a lot of substance and are really special.”

An example:

“Maybe something like teen movies, and then there are tributes through fashion editorials and someone writes about what this movie meant to them and that type of thing and maybe we interview someone who was in one.”

The first print issue is expected to come out next fall, and Gevinson hopes to publish two to three issues a year.

And with that, we turn it over to you. What do you think of JanePratt.com and Tavi’s teen ‘zine? Will you read them? Which one are you most excited about? And how does the “Jane Pratt” brand resonate with you?


Jane Pratt Plots Her Comeback [WWD]
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